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Architecture Interior design Decoration


Architecture, interior design and decoration

Sustainable design studio


Eco-design and Bioclimatic Architecture

We design providing technical solutions in a creative and efficient way. We combine design, technology and sustainability to create unique projects. We merge the exterior with the interior and apply bioclimatic strategies for your well-being. We design terraces, gardens and outdoor spaces as an extension of the interior, within the same narrative unit.

Interior design

Emotional well-being

We create customized spaces. We study the characteristics of each project, of each place and the demands of each person. Our interior design is based on premises of sustainability and efficiency. This translates into benefits for your health, your emotional well-being and for the environment. Our interiors redefine luxury, understanding it as healthy and necessary environments, calm and creative. We project to measure.


We design and take care of the details

We design with natural, handmade and ecological materials, favourable for you and for the environment. We collaborate with local producers and designers to bring uniqueness and originality to your project. We carefully select the furniture, textiles and textures of the materials that will dress your space. We enhance and take care of natural lighting and we study the design of technical and decorative lighting.


With you from
the beginning
to the end


We direct the ENTIRE PROCESS of your project, from the initial design to the delivery of keys. We Manage, Coordinate, Design and Direct from the beginning of the project to the completion of the work.

Project analysis

We start from an initial analysis of your order. We study your needs and materialize your desires in a unitary space. This will be the key that differentiates you and that establishes the foundations of your project.

Conceptual phase

In a conceptual phase we begin to capture, to create an initial design. We keep in mind your sensibilities and tastes to select the first materials, textures and colour ranges, with which we begin by providing identity to your project.

Emotional identification

When we have managed to create an emotional identification between you and your space, we begin the projection phase. We measure, calculate, select and budget. We prepare all the planimetry dossier necessary for the legalization of the project.

Coordinate and direction

We take care of coordinating and directing all the execution works that are carried out. You will not have to worry; we hold your hand.

Finish taking care of the details

Nothing more pleasant than ending up taking care of the details of a space that is already prepared to be lived in. It is exciting for us to see how those wishes that you told us at the beginning have materialized and to hand you the keys.

Good design has to be sustainable

We understand that good design is the one that cares

We focus architecture and interior design on people, on their physical and emotional health in harmony with the environment. In Bitarte it is designed under sustainable guideline.

We design under ecological parameters, not only as a necessary choice but as a rule that inspires and guides our work. We learn from nature and believe in a greener and more harmonious future of our environment.