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We design by and for people

Architecture, Interior design and Decoration.
Sustainable design studio

Our values

We imagine a future with optimism and responsibility, working for a sustainable environment

Bioclimatic Architecture

Sustainable Design



Energy efficiency

Well-being and Comfort

Circular design

Flexible interior design

Emotional architecture



Sheila Varas founds Bitarte architecture & interior design, a multidisciplinary studio with an open work structure. She has a degree in Architecture from the London Metropolitan University and in Interior Architecture from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), covering a full scale of architecture and design.

Through the experience acquired in the studios of such remarkable designers as Ken Yeang and Helena Granados Menéndez, Sheila Varas settles the foundations for designing sophisticated and timeless interiors for the physical and emotional well-being of the people who inhabit them.

Bitarte has a network of collaborators in the field of architecture, design, interior design, decoration and landscaping, where each professional is an essential part of the Bitarte gear.

Our philosophy

Bitarte is an architecture and interior design studio, which was born between London, Madrid, Donostia, Hanoi and Copenhagen; between professionals, creative work and good times shared.

We create a specialized fabric that, through professional practice and transversal knowledge, offers a richer, more complete, more interesting, more real and more necessary architecture.

We understand the design process as an activity capable of transversally transforming contexts and living environments. Bitarte, a space for active rest, in-between, an interstice, an engawa. The most important and crucial moment in the transition between two objects or two places from which the creative impulse arises.

Bitarte design strategy:
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Our design strategy

It is based on two foundations that we work on in parallel: architecture and interior design as a professional practice capable of regenerating vital environments.

Our objective

To respond to the needs of people, in a harmonious relationship with our environment.

What makes us different

This interdependence makes Bitarte's work unique. We design spaces that take care of you and the planet.

We design by and for people

We design under sustainable guideline to achieve the minimum environmental impact and the maximum well-being of people. Bitarte is characterized by having an independent and personalized style for each project, each person and each place. We implement design strategies that bring uniqueness and originality to each project, creatively challenging preconceived patterns to find the best solution in each space.

We work establishing alternative parameters in the use of materials, hierarchical organization of spaces and more respectful construction systems. We like the design that thinks of decrease, proximity, craftwork, energy efficiency, health, comfort and well-being.